"Well and then it happened. The first official reunion of the MER students, graduates and friends took place at the end of August in Gabrielnia. We were hungry for each other’s company and, first of all, hands, and we decided not to wait till the next workshop, and we rented a house, packed massage tables and we got together to massage and talk and simply have time together. The main point of the program was, of course, massage. We did it in different configurations - in couples, in trio, on the floor, on the grass in the garden – and massaging took us most of the day. We focused on creativity and free expression. We practiced techniques we had learnt from Sathyrti and some elaborate stretches that can only be done when working four-handed. There was space for releasing emotions, and there was time for bliss and relaxation. In October, there will be a next meeting of MER fans – this time in Warsaw, and quite soon the next retreat in the nature is coming. Those of you who at least once have been in Kików, the place where from different corners of the world come people which great hearts, willing to experience new ideas, share their knowledge and learn something new, will understand me perfectly well that this need to be together,.. share one’s thoughts, ...and above all the experience of touch full of love and mindfulness is everlasting. Luckily it’s not only me. :-), thanks to that a new, magical place was discovered... Far away from hum and drum, ... around a little pond, in the field rich in variety of herbs, diverse plants and in the company every busy bees, there is a house like that... At the first glance, it resembles a common, modern Canadian summerhouse with a beautiful, glass veranda. One day this place was visited by people who wanted to spend time together, giving each other beautiful body massage, cooking together and not forgetting that the most important ingredient of each dish, named “LOVE”. The House of Fulfilled Wishes (as it was called) acquired even more power :-) The weekend was marked by the “touch” through music, massage, served dishes and conversations. Everybody experienced that in one’s own way. For some, those were the night talks, sleeping outside, dancing till dawn and feeling dew under their feet, making jokes together and laughing all the way, and for others this was a tine of silence and meditation... What is most important is mutual giving of goodness, understanding and mindfulness through myofascial massage. It made Gabrielnia the next fabulous place for those who are HUNGRY for touch…and those who don’t think that you have to wait till the next myofascial workshops in Kików to charge their batteries wonderfully :-) Let this need “to be together here and now" last and stimulate new great meetings to come..."
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