Meeting of MER fans have already become a tradition. This time we met at weekend of 17-18 October in Warsaw in the friendly space of Sieciówka.Again it was intense and powerful. Deep, beautiful sessions took place on both days till late into the night. Relaxed fascia releases joy and creativity. Everybody who experienced it knows about it in their own bodies :) This time a spontaneous contact improvisation took place along with the composing of a salad on most unusual of dishes – the freshly massaged back... The graduates of the first series of trainings with Satyarthi had a chance to get to know those who joined MER in the second series. Anyway, half way through the first day it didn’t matter any more that some people met for the first time. Great atmosphere of kindness, openness and trust which is so tangible at MER trainings also surrounded us in Sieciówka. The October meeting was an ideal combination of deep and powerful bodywork, mindfulness and discipline as well as laughter, fun, delicious meals eaten together, dancing and talking till late into the night. Joint practice in the group creates beautiful energy and gives great possibilities to learn from each other. There were also some creative, complex stretching sessions with the help of 3 or sometimes 4 people. We can’t wait till the next weekend meeting in Warsaw at the end of January... And in the meantime a group in the south of Poland is coming together and getting organised. This is such luck to have such friends.
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