"When you touch me
The silence comes into my body
Under your hand
A land of sounds is awakened
The sounds moving in all directions of the world
The sounds with no boundaries
The sounds sounding like the symphony of life
The sounds and everyone of them is unique and unrepeatable
The sounds that take me everywhere.

When you touch me
Eternity comes into my body
I know who I am
love unbounded.

Under your fingers throbs my past
Under your fingers my now flows
Under your fingers my future is shaped

You touch me and you know who you are
love unbounded.

If the whole world was touched like that,
It would turn into love."

poem by Marta Grabowska

We have just finished fantastic Training of Myofascial Energetic Release with Satyarthi Peloquin in Poland. Wonderful group, trust and love. Hard to believe so many things happened in just 5 days , such a deep and transformative process, and sessions full of joy and release.

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