December is a special month for me. It's time when I slow down, I lean over what has happened in my life, what I accomplished, and on what I want to work on in the future. It's a time to sum up, and time of understanding. This time I also had a chance to participate in a wonderful workshop, that has made a big impact both mentally and professionally, and the time of summarizing was enriched with another important aspect.

You may think that it seems really grandiloquent, and it was just another workshop that I had a chance to participate in. But in the face of my profession, and my research in self-development it was a truly magical time.

I believe that there are no coincidences and an invitation from Nisarga Dobosz to join this workshop also had a purpose. Nisarga is an organiser of the workshop led by Satyarthi Peloquin. Because the workshop was promoted on our website, Nisarga asked someone from the editorial staff to come to the venue and give a short account of this event. I was available at that time, and myofascial unwinding is what I do every day. I had my own training close to Kikow couple of days later. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

I arrived almost late. The first thing that made a big impression on me was the venue. I used to call those places "in the middle of nowhere". And it was like this. Kikow is located close to Busko Zdroj, which already on it's own is a bit of a secluded spot., where reception is hard to reach, and in the morning when the ear is clean you can see Tatra mountains. Beautiful... The venue favours detaching from the world, slowing down, concentrating on oneself, on self-development, on being here and now.

The picture does not reflect what I was seeing every morning when looking through the window...

After arriving Nisarga introduced me as a journalist, and indeed I was suppose to appear there as such, but as you probably already know I am a man of practice, and my presence on the website is a fruit of great passion to massage and bodywork. At the same time I was enchanted how the group accepted me, although at the beginning probably no one knew I was practising massage as they do, but I was accepted in a way I already felt one with the rest.

Here I would like to stop for a while, and take a moment to look at the participants. When it comes to participants, this workshop was absolutely unique. The uniqueness rests on conscious participation and the goal or purpose why each and every person was there. It is very rare, because on many workshops there are accidental people, that want to know some technique or participate because of current trend. Here it was different. The mosaic of personalities was truly colourful. The group was European because there were people from Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Slovakia, Switzerland and of course Poland. From people who are just starting with bodywork to practitioners with 30 years of experience. Every one was different and equally unique, and they were bound by two things, the aim of the workshop and by the person leading it.

Satyarthi Peloquin – it was largely because of him that the workshop was so unique. So far during all the workshops I participated in, learning to work with fascias, were concentrated on solving the issues there mechanically. Most workshops in this profession look like this. You forget about the mental side of the problem. In this case, Satyarthi was teaching a holistic understanding of the connection between the mind, emotions and the body. It seems obvious, but during previous workshops hardly anyone can in such a fantastic way join and combine, what for me is the key to working with another person. As a teacher he distinguishes because of his great level of understanding, acceptance, patience and closeness. During this workshop no one felt judged. Satyarthi is a mainstay of peace, also with great sense of humour which made a fantastic ambience to work in.

Every day passed like a moment. Every day in the morning we were beginning with an active meditation, which was giving mi a great boost of energy for the whole day. After breakfast we started the first exercise session. I had an impression that the day was passing from one session to another interrupted only by meal breaks. The days were ending by night sessions or conversations and massage exchanges until late in the evening (sometimes accompanied by Alex’s wonderful singing). It all made moments spent there wonderful, and created a sense of unity. Finally I didn't want this time to end. Away from people, systems, phones, computer, spending time only on things that I love. That was my time.

During my time in Kikow, specially for you, I had a chance to have a conversation with Satyarthi and I invite you to spend some time with it. It is very instructive.In the end I also would like to write few words about the training, because even in the light of my subjective emotions, it is worth presenting it or even advertise it.The training is certified. It is held by European Institute Of Body Oriented Healing Arts which consists of 6 people : Nisarga Shanty (bodywork ), Giten Tonkov (breath-work ), Satyathi Peloquin (bodywork), Antigoni Dhyandeepa (psychotherapy), Joanna Gruba (psychotherapy), Łukasz Dóbaj (cardiologist MD, medical consultant)The Institute has gained certification for trainings led by Giten, Satyarthi and Nisarga. It's a certification of American Association Of Drugless Practitioners certification is valid in USA and in UE. Which means the the material tought during those workshops.

To sum up, so my story would not be so subjective, I asked couple of participants (in total we were 24) to share their experiences after the training in Kikow. Here I would like to thank once again Nisarga and Satyarthi for giving me the opportunity to be there together, and also each and every participant for wonderful atmosphere and great time. See you in April during next training.

December 2013 in Poland