In my work with groups and individuals over the past 20 years, I see the power of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release in action. The profound changes it creates in people in our workshops continues to amaze me. Past traumas and self imposed restrictions are lifted so that the space of physical and emotional freedom can surface again.

Since the moment we are born, and sometimes even in the womb, we are exposed to conditionings and belief systems. We have stepped into a society which imposes it's culture, belief system, religion and ideas which form and shape our personality and self image. Generation upon generation of family and ethnic conditioning adds to this self image and personality. As our physical bodies form and develop, we take on a shell to make us feel safe in the world. We assume a particular posture in order to fit in, to decrease the feeling of separation from the rest of the world. This creates an illusion of protection. This ingrained mechanism serves it's purpose when we are in danger and need protection, but is not useful for every day living.

As we experience life and connection with ourselves and others, this 'shell' or 'armoring' becomes a hindrance to authentically reaching out and being met in a space of acceptance, love and understanding. The quality and essence of our heart is such that it wants to reach out and meet in love. No matter how long we disconnect from this ingrained desire and try to protect our heart by creating an 'armored shell' around it, the instinct to reach out and merge in vulnerability, intimacy, love and connection never dies.

As we work in groups with other individuals who share our common desire to lift this self imposed 'shell', we begin to experience that we're more alike than different and that the problems and issues that we thought separated us from the world around us are common and existential. We are all in the 'same boat' as the saying goes. We share the same hurts, desires and pains.

Working together in a space of safety with the common goal of self liberation allows us to transcend pain and heal trauma once and for all.

Through working with breath we begin to vibrate on a higher level physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. It is a proven fact that deep breathing coupled with conscious movement and dance relaxes muscular and emotional tension and releases a long held charge from the nervous system. We become more available to experience life in it's glory and once and for all to reconnect to our heart's never ending impulse to reach out and regain self love, self acceptance, the ability to be intimate with one another beyond fear and protection and the most precious gift of all, is that we gain inner silence and peace.

By Giten Tonkov,
creator and developer of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release System.
Co-Director and Co-Founder of European Institute of Body-Oriented Healing Arts