"Massage is not something ordinary. It has a huge significance. There are few people who were born to give massage.  Always remember few things when giving a massage. One, the person you are massaging has no body. Conceive him as if he had no body and your massage will go very, very deep. First think of him as if he had no body, then think of yourself as if you had no body. By body I mean that neither you nor he are matter, both are energy.
 When two material objects come near they crash. When two energies come near, they just mix, melt, merge into each other-without a crash. Two physical bodies are bounded to crash. And everytime you touch someone’s body as a body, and he also feels himself as a body, there will be contraction, a defense. The defensive armor is operating.
So the first thing is to feel that the other is just an energy; you are also an energy. Then start playing with the energy as if you were playing a guitar. Make it more like music rather than massage. Make it a game more than a job. Let it be more from the heart than from the mind.
The technique has to be known, but then you have to forget it. One should know the technique and then one should not be worried about it. It will stay deep in the unconscious and it will act from there, but you will move on hunches. So feel the energy of the other person, introduce yourself as a phenomenon of energy, and then the two energies will begin to play. Massage is almost like love.
And if you can move in it like this, you will have very orgasmic experiences and you will benefit immensely. The massaged may not benefit so deeply, it will depend on him or her. If the massaged leave all body awareness, he forgets about the body, and remember just a subtle play of energies, energy waves and nothing else, then also he will benefit. And the benefit will not be only relaxation, the benefit will be become more deeply spiritual. The body will benefit automatically, but deeper layers will be touched. And one day it will be posible, when you and the person you massage will be lost, and there is an internal orgasmic energy, and the two orgasms will explode at a time, then you will know for the first what massage is. Something very transcendental …”.


From a speech of Osho