"When you have chronic muscle spasm in your back, the affected area will tend to suffer from an increasingly painful condition, because when muscles are in strong spasm neves our pinched and blood blocked from reaching and leaving their own cells. Little vessels, called capillaries, that bring blood to the cells, get compressed by the spasm, so the needed nutrients -- oxygen and other essential supplies carried by the blood -- don’t make

it to the cells in the quantities required to keep them healthy, The Muscle and Fascia are Under Nourished, Over worked, chronically contracted....... swimming in its own waist.. Muscles and Fascia spasm is caused by Pschological and Emotional Defence..........denial, judgement, projection, attack, withdrawal. collapsed ... resigned low energy, needy, dependent. Held up... Arogant, Proud, ant-i dependent.
When the muscle cells are underfed and at the same time overworked because they are in a constant state of contraction. This creates three stages of pain cycles:
1) The first stage, the muscle feels sore and moves into a light pain. At this point, the ache and pain are trying to get our attention. If we get the right bodywork now the symptoms will be easily alleviated.
2) At the second level, the muscle and fascia become more contracted and less fluid goes to the cells. Here, micro-tears ( meaning microscopic cuts that are mended together by scar tissue. Scar tissue is not elastic or porous. It inhibits movement in the muscle and creates more tension, which in turn reduces circulation and pinches more nerves-- it’s a vicious circle.
3) At the third level, scar tissue becomes more and more prevalent, often taking the
space of the muscle tissue itself. The pain here is debilitating, the fascia is very dry and rigid, the whole area is dehydrated and tense. This brings on a very strong pain. Also Raidiating Pain and numbness down the legs and arms. Weakness in the muscles. All the symptoms our medically diagnosed as a disc problem. Surgery is recommended, When some ones only tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail. The medical world sees spinal pain as a problem in the disks and joints. They are not seeing the obvious.

Ninty Five.....95 % of body pain is soft tisuue spasm
Freedom from Pain -- The Good News
The good news is that in each level there can be a complete healing and a regeneration
of tissue.
My own breakthrough in understanding this syndrome came when I was 34 years
old and dancing in a discotheque. Suddenly, a sharp pain entered my back and I could
not dance any more; in fact, it was difficult for me to get home - I could barely walk.
Next morning, I could not stand up. I could crawl on all fours, on my hands and knees,
like a small baby, but I could not come to the upright position because there was so
much pain... and it was scary.
Until that moment I’d been confidently enjoying my flexible and athletic body, feeling myself to be in great physical shape, teaching others how to dance, move, stretch.... Next
moment, I felt like an eighty year-old cripple whose life was basically over.
I went to my local doctor and he diagnosed it as a disc problem, then he recommended
all the typical disc treatments nothing worked. After that, I went to a series of bone
doctors and joint doctors who gave me traction and epidural ejections to try to bring disc back in, but nothing really touched it. I went to chiropractors, rolfers, acupuncturists and rebalancers... nothing helped.
I was able, finally, to walk, but always with a lot of difficulty and pain. If I sat down for
more than five minutes, my back would go into intense spasm as soon as I tried to stand
up again. This went on for months, then over a year, without relief until I went to a body therapist in San Diego who specialized in muscle spasm. He looked at my back and
started working directly on the affected area, going deep and staying there for long time, which nobody had done before -- the rolfers had worked on it, but only as part of a general body treatment.
This therapist worked on me for about 20 minutes and, when I got up from the table,
even though I was experiencing only a small improvement in my back, I intuitively knew
that this was the man who was going to cure me. He explained that the pain was coming from a deep and chronic muscle spasm, which felt absolutely correct, and I thought to myself, “I have to move to this city for a while in order to get this man’s help,” which may seem like an extreme solution, but, believe me, when you are in that degree of pain and incapacity, your whole life becomes focused around it. Nothing else matters.
So I moved to the area in order to receive regular treatments from the therapist, and
after about the fifth session I estimated that I was 90 percent better. After 10 sessions, I
was 100 percent better and I continued to have sessions with him, doing the homework exercises he’d prescribed for me to support the process of healing.
Shortly afterwards, I started my own practice in San Diego, became friends with this therapist, and we began to learn each other’s methods and trade sessions, so gradually
I learned the method of releasing painful muscle spasm and also the knack of educating people about back pain - where it comes from, and in what degree of spasm the muscles are contracted. The notion of ‘degrees of spasm’ I found important, because it helps
people understand that this is something that is acquired slowly and is completely reversible. As the soft tissue relaxes and regenerates to its normal state" 

Article by Satyarthi Peloquin D. Lit DMT​