"Energy: The Invisible Aspect of  Myofascial Energetic Release" by Satyarthi Peloquin
One of the important foundations of working with the MER method was Osho’s insight that body and consciousness should not be seen as two separate things; that the body is the visible dimension of consciousness, and consciousness is the invisible dimension of the body. From this holistic perspective, bodywork has many functions, enhancing a client’s state of well-being on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and a key element in all of these functions is energy.
Good bodywork increases the overall flow of energy through the body, so, in a Tantric sense, the raw, animal energy of the human body, including our sexual energy and our emotions, is more available to be transformed and rise into higher forms of expression such as love and compassion. I use the word ‘Tantric’ here because Tantra is the ancient Indian art of transforming sexual energy for spiritual ends.
Energy flow is a key aspect of MER, because basically the body is energy; we don’t think of it as such, because it is a more solid, dense energetic form than, for example, electricity. But it is energy manifesting as matter, in physical form.
Energy keeps us upright. It is flowing through the whole body: from the core of the body to the extensions. When we have good energy flow we feel connected, grounded and centered. To find optimal health we need to come out of denial and see were energy is blocked, how those blocks were created and what the position of the block signifies.
For example, if you have an energy block in your diaphragm it is going to restrict your breathing and also tighten your stomach and liver. In terms of general health, it will effect your digestion and metabolism and block your energy thus supporting an atmosphere of disconnection from your feelings.
The relationship between energy and matter is complex and subtle. On a structural level, there is the skeleton. The whole system of muscles which constitutes the biggest system of the body – about 70 percent of the body is made up of muscle - and the fascia, the connective tissue, which surrounds  and gives form to every other tissue of the body.
These are the three systems that create structure: skeleton, muscles and fascia. Without the skeleton we would be like an amoeba, like a jelly fish; without the muscles we could not move; without the fascia there would be no connection between the various parts.
But without energy, nothing works. You can't stand up, or sit down, without energy. So all of the body is made up of energy, and energy has to be continuously in movement, just as life is always in movement.
But, as we have already seen, when we are held in a certain character structure, a certain psychological and emotional holding pattern, we block energy as a way of protecting or defending ourselves from pain. This blocked energy forms in the muscle and fascia and is held as tension and rigidity - as armor.
When the block is released there is sometimes an insight into what kind of trauma created the block and, at the same time, the releasing energy expands and lifts people up – it’s often experienced as an uplifting feeling.  More accurately, I should say it lifts people up and at the same time it also connects them to the earth.
Osho used to say energy gives us roots and wings. It connects people through their feet and legs to the earth, so they feel, “I belong here, this is my home, the earth.” At the same time, they feel lifted up, expanding and opening up towards the heavens, to higher experiences and their spiritual dimensions.
So working with energy is a fundamental aspect of MER, because when people benefit from a session they don’t just feel that their back pain is gone. They open up on many levels: to what is behind that back pain; to some negitive belief system or wounds in their psyche; to the feeling of energy flowing and expanding. When we feel are energy expanding through are bodies we feel connected, in touch with a vital life affirming pleasurable sense of ourselves.