The end of a year is an important transition time. I usually like to spend it in nature having some alone-time which helps me reflect on the past year and set intentions for the one to come. This year my friend Tom and his girlfriend Kadri had invited me to spend this time with them in Spain. For 6 days we hiked on an amazing track, Cami De Ronda GR92, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea across Catalonia. Winter is the best time for this hike as it is not too hot for walking, yet it is still possible to stay in tents and even spend a few nights just in sleeping bags under the stars and full moon. I found myself in a powerful vortex there, starting the new year in alignment of body, mind and soul. 

On 31st December we found an amazing spot on top of a cliff with a view out to the sea where we made a huge fire and joined into a ritual of letting go of the things no longer serving us from 2017 and things we want to invite into our lives in 2018. Part of this process was the creation of a Manifestation Card. This process was first introduced to me by my tantra teacher Sarita over 5 years ago and I am always amazed how accurately the intentions on my card have been manifested by the end of the year. I keep this card with me throughout the year, I put it on my altar, travel with it and occasionally remind myself of what I wrote.

The card starts with the statement “When my life is ideal in 2018 I am…“, and then I usually write on the left side of the card 5 different themes related to SPIRITUALITY, HEALTH, LOVE , ABUNDANCE and RELATIONSHIPS. Some of those intentions manifest almost instantly within a week or a month and some after several months. I noticed that it all depends on the state of the feelings that I am able to connect with during this particular manifestation. On the right side of the card I write down 7 major aspects that I want to cultivate in my life to become aligned with my life vision and those are CREATIVITY, KINDNESS, LOVE , BEAUTY, EXPANTION , ABUNDANCE and RECEPTIVITY  (*inspired by John Demartini from the movie ‘The Secret’).

The final part of the process is based on a principle from the Law of Attraction - “Live the result and the cause will follow”. In this part I simply connect to the feeling of the manifestation coming into being on the physical level. Being in that state, which for me is a mixture of joy, happiness and gratitude, helps the Universe to respond precisely to the intentions. The final phrase on the card is a statement “…or something even better”. We write this card from the conscious level of the mind but sometimes the superconscious soul level may have a different vision for our life which we may not be able to see at that time. So this last statement simply gives space for the soul’s part in the manifestation process and allows for things that really matter for our growth on the physical, emotional, material and spiritual level.

I have honoured this process for 5 years now and always encourage my friends and family to do this for themselves. However, it is also important to understand that this moment here and now is already perfect and that all we need is present. So I try to not be too attached to the card but to play with it and enjoy the process, without taking it too seriously :-) Life flows and changes each moment, the card only helps me to be in a state of creating a happier and more fulfilling life. I am now on my way to China and my card is with me. I hope you can make one for yourself too!

With blessings