The pelvis should be worked with early on in bodywork sessions.  All body segments are directly associated with psychological and emotional patterns, but none compare in the intensity to those stored in the pelvis: sexuality, eroticism, desire, trust, vitality, empowerment, identity, safety, anger, and freedom. The pelvis region is intricately entwined with all other segments and is subject to our moment by moment emotional body-mind state.


If any segment of the body is shut down, the probability of the pelvis closing as well is almost inevitable. As with other body segments, pelvic holding has a reason. There are many muscles that can be involved in a pelvic block, including the psoas, rectus abdominis, inguinal, pubococcygeus, and gluteus maximus.  “Opening” the pelvis is not difficult, yet no amount of physical or emotional prodding or force can sustain and maintain the release if the emotional component is not resolved. 

Pelvic blocks are brought about by emotional and/or physical trauma. Certainly sexual abuse at any age causes the pelvis to close. There are also lesser-known body-mind traumas such as childhood toilet training that can greatly affect us as well. In addition, punishment for sexual curiosity or masturbation as a child often fosters feelings of guilt or shame. These feelings create holding patterns in the pelvis as well as fear and shame of sexual feelings.

For woman, one of the primary sites for holding emotional tension is in the uterus. This can cause a block and result in a lack of sexual desire.  A block in the pelvic segment can diminish natural emotional feelings and erotic sensations and expression in the pelvis. A healing of this block through the bodywork of Myofascial Energetic Release can provide a foundation for sustaining pelvic opening and sexual awakening. 

There are an infinite number of causes for why our bodies become inhibited as we grow. Everyone has some holding in his or her body, especially in the pelvis. Yet, we most surly did not come into the world holding back our aliveness or our sexuality. Somehow, and for some reason, we learned to do this. But we do not have to stay that way.

When holding patterns are resolved, we can become more integrated. Our bodies can contain more flowing energy so we will feel more alive and have more presence. With openness, our energy can spread throughout the whole body healing old traumas and finding a true sense of wholeness. 

In the MER training we will heal our wounds in the pelvis and learn to heal other’s wounds as well.

Satyarthi Peloquin