Nisarga is the Director and Cofounder of The European Institute Of Body Oriented Healing Arts. He is a bodyworker therapist specialising in myofascial energetic release and deep tissue work. On his way to mastery he reached to the sources of body and spirit work. Travelling through Asia, Europe and America he discovered what the human body really is and how important is listening to what it tells us. In his own words: “Life is like a journey, it doesn’t matter where it takes us, what’s important are beautiful sights and admiring them in the moment”.


In this interview you will learn:

  • What is was like to grow up in 1980’s Poland.
  • Why we all have gifts to offer (even if we work in huge corporations).
  • How travelling to India allowed Nisarga to really start the process of looking inwards for his own development.
  • The importance of men having other men around them for support and guidance.
  • How vital it is to engage our own “sacred masculine” if we are to get the best from our relationships with women.

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