Almost two decades ago, bought a book in a European airport bookshop to read during a flight. Since the first moment, got literally hypnotized from the content of this unique and precious printed work. Intelligence was one of a series of lectures given by Osho. Could not stop laughing, mainly of myself, and my presumption of being knowledgeable, I had no doubt, that existence was giving me a huge lesson and since the moment I dropped my eyes into the first pages I couldn’t stop reading it. 

I remember that my life changed the precise second I finished it, and took the decision to drop my life style in the west and some month’s later bag packed to India with no plan of coming back.

I will keep it short as this was the beginning of the story and obviously after that so much amazing and good adventures happened and there is no time or space now to explore those unique and precious moments

So, after 12 years wondering in south East Asia and South America on the search of natural medicine approaches that I could learn and apply into my clinical practice I finally decided to explore the concept of breath as a tool for healing.

Arrived once more to Bali with a great feeling of joy, only that this time I was on a mission: A 12 days breath work retreat in the north shore of that lush full island.

Meeting Giten Tonkov and his subtle and deep structure of teaching complemented with his wise and gentle form of connecting made me surrender to the concept of biodynamic breath that time traveled me again a decade before into the Osho commune experience in Pune.

Having this in mind and having heard trough Giten about a magical place in Poland I packed once again my bags, this time a couple of months later, during winter and decided to attend the Myofascia Energetic Release training with the legendary Sathyarti Peloquin.

The feeling of exploring something interesting and new made me share this experience with my brother Atul Mulji, a long time traveler and yogi.

We got then a plain to Warsaw and from there a ride with some participants of the workshop down to Kikow.

Once we arrived It was love at the first site, with the energy, the environment, the facilities, the so tasty food and the connection with this lovely and committed human beings. There was this kind of sensation of regaining hope into the loving human condition.

Once you get in contact with Sathyarthi , you can’t stop noticing of his total sense of connection, elegance and commitment to the art of teaching and touching with love and awareness.

Every time now that I get back to Kikow, there is this sweet feeling of going home. My tribe is there, a tribe of special humans, a new family filled with love and compassion that will support you during the learning process and your inner search.

The blissful state that is experienced in this place is polarized in one human witch is a perfect mix of love, creativeness and efficiency; he is the one that founded this events with tenderness and empathy, a sanctuary of well-being. In these short lines I testify my sincere love for this group of humans and to Captain Nisarga, for is profound commitment to the project that keep up developing gracefully.

Uncommon to what’s usual, this story will not end here.

Nothing is intrinsically real and all is an interdependent phenomena

Isn’t that so Milarepa ?

Gyurme Samdup
Therapist at Invisible Medicine